The Enormous Elephant Run: Classic

Unleash your inner elephant and join our awesome herd.

The Enormous Elephant Run is your chance to dress up as an elephant and run, jog or walk to help us better protect Africa's elephants. We don't time your Run, but we do provide you with awesome elephant costumes so that you can become one with our herd.

With different distances to choose from including an achievable 5k or a challenging 10k, The Enormous Elephant Run is perfect for those who want to have fun and be a part of something special whilst making a difference. Most of all, this a challenge about friendship and comraderie so rally your friends to join the herd, and enjoy the incredible atmosphere on the day.

Whether you run, jog, skip or walk your way around the course, you'll join a community of incredible elephant-lovers in helping us better protect the species.

Event locations

London 2018

Location TBC
Registration closed

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