Build a team

Herds do it better. You don't have to join a team, or herd as we call them, but we highly recommend it! As well as getting to share the experience with your best friends, you can also choose an awesome team name.

Grab all your friends:

  • Best friends
  • Co-workers
  • Anyone that wants to dress as an elephant!

Plus, anyone who doesn't want to take on our Enormous running challenge itself can still cheer you on wildly from the side lines using our incredible cheering boards.

Create your team

You can register you team mates all at once, or everyone can register at different times. To join your team, all they need to do is input your team name when they register. Register your team mates today

If you would like to find new friends and teammates before event day, you can post to The Enormous Elephant Run Facebook page.

And remember, we also have corporate team packages available. Find out more.